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Driving Emotion Beyond Mobility

Through strong braking power, smooth handling, driving comfort and guaranteed safety, our

technological expertise delivers an authentic driving experience beyond simple mobility.


Driving Emotion

Driving Emotion

At Hankook, our aim is to provide a safer, more pleasant, and more comfortable driving experience from the moment the driver turns on the engine. Embracing that the feel and excitement of being behind the wheel is the “Driving Emotion” we aspire to deliver to our customers.

Driving with Confidence

Tyres and the safety of driving go hand-in-hand and drivers need to feel comfortable while driving. In bad weather or under harsh road conditions, our technologically advanced tyres always meet the needs of our customers while enhancing confidence so both the driver and passengers are assured a safe and enjoyable ride.

Driving Excitement

The instinct for performance and motoring exhilaration are latent in drivers, and Hankook rouses that personal feeling to push the highest level of driving pleasure. Our tyres provide total control of speed and direction whilst firmly ensuring the safety and riding comfort which drivers expect on the road.

Driving Satisfaction

A satisfying driving experience that is one with nature is a privilege everyone must enjoy and this can only be achieved through global innovation. With R&D centres in five strategic parts of the world, Hankook designs the most optimal tyres for the roads and characteristics of the drivers of each country. To meet the growing Challenge of protecting our global environment, we have developed eco-friendly products which maximise efficiency, raise standards and provide the ultimate driving experience.

Driving with Pride

Complementing our advanced technology, we take pride in our respect for the nature environment through developing ecologically friendly know-how. Our aim is to always be one step ahead in developing innovative technology which will add value and benefit the environmentally friendly automobiles of the future..

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