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Brand Campaigns

Hankook’s brand campaigns under the theme “Driving Emotion”, which showcases the exceptional performance of our tyres under a broad range of driving conditions.

"Be one with innovation and victory will be one with you"

We are extending our passion for “Driving Emotion” and sport more and more. Which is why we are supporting the UEFA Europa League together with millions of football fans all over the world.

Hankook Sponsoring

Hankook has been an official sponsor of the UEFA Europa League since 2012. Sportiness, dynamism and emotionality are the hallmarks of this partnership, which marks a further milestone in Hankook’s marketing strategy. Our commitment to top-flight European football will raise brand awareness in Europe, one of the company’s major sales regions.

Hankook benefits from comprehensive brand presence, such as perimeter advertising in the stadiums and on the backdrops that can be seen during interviews with the players and at the official UEFA press conferences. The Europa League is watched live in the stadiums and via TV by millions of people in Europe and around the world.


UEFA Europa League & UEFA Europa Conference League Partnership
Hankook has been an Official Partner of the UEFA Europa League since 2012 and will now also be an Official Partner of the UEFA Europa Conference League, which has made its debute in the 2021/22 season. Our collaboration with UEFA represents an invaluable milestone in Hankook’s marketing strategy, as we believe our commitment to premium European football will raise our brand awareness throughout Europe.


The UEFA Europa League and UEFA Europa Conference League, both represent considerable viewership audiences, consisting of millions of football fans in Europe and around the world, who consistently tune in to watch the games live on television or from the stands in the stadiums. For this reason, Hankook benefits extensively from our strong brand presence in football stadiums across Europe. Through perimeter advertising in the stadiums and on UEFA backdrops, our brand can be seen through the course of the game as well as during player interviews and at the official UEFA press conferences.


Europa Campaign 

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