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iON start

Key Performance

Double the Advantage
The iON evo (and SUV) pushes the limits of trade-offs to reach optimum performance.
The iON evo (and SUV) is specifically tailored for electric vehicles, but also equipped with the best of both worlds.


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Handling / Mileage
Wet Grip
Low Rolling Resistance
Low Noise

Key Performance

Aced All Grades

Triple A rated in EU Tyre label

The iON evo (and SUV) achieved a hat-trick in the EU Tyre label grade which is extremely exceptional in the tire industry, and especially first for an EV exclusive tire.

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* EU label grade varies by size.
Please refer to the ‘Available
Sizes’ page for further

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Key Performance

Drive in Peace

Noise Proof Technology 

Electric motors are almost soundless which eventually causes the driver to hear more noise from tyres.

With the Hankook Sound AbsorberTM, the iON evo (and SUV) offers a
quiet and pleasant ride in all speed ranges.

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Minimized Tread Pattern Noise

Optimized Multi-Pitch Sequencing
Tire noise can be drastically reduced by optimizing the pitch sequence. The iON evo
(and SUV) has optimized the number and size of pitches to listen more to what matters.

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* EU label grade varies by size.
Please refer to the ‘Available
Sizes’ page for further

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Features and Benefits

Go Further for More Experience

Even Tread Wear and Enhanced Mileage

Battery weight makes electric vehicles up to 30% heavier than ICE vehicles, which frequently causes
uneven wear on tyres. The iON evo (and SUV) is made of a compound specifically made for electric
vehicles to evenly spread road pressure and extend tyre life in a healthier condition.

Extended Tread Life

EVolution Compound

Composed with high-concentration silica and eco-friendly materials, the EVolution compound provides satisfactory mileage and further reduced rolling resistance.

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Even Tread Wear

Optimized Ground Pressure Distribution

Tires equipped on electric vehicles wear out approximately 20% faster with uneven wear
than on ICE vehicles. Designed to spread the ground pressure evenly, the iON evo (and
SUV) provides longer usage and less replacement.

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Features and Benefits

Optimized Curing

CThe iON evo (and SUV) achieved the highest grade of LRR performance by
applying an advanced compound and Hankook tire’s optimized curing technology
which improves all parts of the tire equally.

Further Reduced Rolling Resistance

Charge Less, Cruise More

Extended Range

Hankook understands the concerns of loosing energy while driving Electric Vehicles.
By reducing the rolling resistance, the battery lasts longer to drive a longer distance.
A few miles can be crucial during an emergency.

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* EU label grade varies by size.
Please refer to the ‘Available
Sizes’ page for further

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IK01, IK01A_EN6.jpg

Features and Benefits

Be in Complete Control

Advanced Handling

Designed to bear the initial torque power of Electric Vehicle motors,
the iON evo (and SUV) offers excellent handling and grip performance for premium electric vehicles.

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Enhanced Cornering Stability

EV Contour Technology

Tire stiffness is essential to be improved to bear the weight
of electric vehicles. Hankook’s EV Contour Technology
increases cornering stiffness by 10% to advance electric
vehicle handling performance.

Improved Steering at High Speeds

Aramid Hybrid Reinforcement Belt

A reinforcement belt mixed with the most advanced fiber,
Aramid, is applied on the iON evo (and SUV) to improve
steering performance and maintain an optimized shape
during high-speed driving.

Excellent Traction

Extended Shoulder Blocks with Optimized Rigidity

To prevent slippage caused by the high torque of electric
vehicles, the pattern block rigidity is optimized with
extended outside shoulder blocks for maximum road

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Features and Benefits

Grip Maintained in the Rain

Enhanced Wet Grip

By achieving grade A in the EU tyre labelling wet grip item for all available sizes,
the iON evo (and SUV) provides guaranteed wet performance without missing noise
reduction to maximize driving pleasure.

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Wet Performance

without AAA missing Noise Reduction

資產 15@2x.png

Low Noise

Wet Grip

* EU label grade varies by size.
Please refer to the ‘Available
Sizes’ page for further

Expanding Lateral Grooves

The lateral grooves are designed narrower on the
inside to reduce air-pumping noise, and wider on
the outside to secure wet performance.
This is another double advantage of the iON evo
(and SUV).

Optimized Groove Size

To prevent groove resonance while driving,
the iON evo (and SUV) has optimized the size of
grooves. Expanding the 2 grooves on the inside
wider has also improved drainage performance.

IK01, IK01A_EN.jpg


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資產 1_3x.png

Technical Profile
Tread width

Speed symbol
H, V, W, Y
EU Labeling (RRc/Wet Grip/Noise)
A-B / A / A

Applied Technology & Tire Performance

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